Ticketing and Checking-in

1. Ticketing
All tickets will be issued as electronic ticket (e-ticket). You are required to print out the electronic ticket and present it upon check in at the airport. The electronic ticket can be sent to you by fax or as an attachment with the email.

However when you have purchased a package plan that includes a hotel, it becomes necessary for us to send you the hotel voucher. This voucher along with your air ticket can be sent to you by post (500yen within Japan) or be dropped at the airport designated collection counter for you to pick up on the departure day (500yen/pax).

Haneda Airport Terminal 1, 2nd floor departure lobby
Serving Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean and Skymark Airlines.
South Wing - South bound flights, to Okinawa, Kyushu and Chu-Shikoku.
North Wing - North bound flights, to Kinki, Hokuriku, Tohoku and Hokkaido.
Haneda airport terminal 1

Haneda Airport Terminal 2, 2nd floor departure lobby
Serving All Nippon Airways, Air Hokkaido and SkynetAsia Airways.
Haneda airport terminal 2

2. Check-in
You are required to check in for your flight no later than 15 minutes(without check-in baggage), 25 minutes (with check-in baggage) before your flight departure time.

You can complete your check-in procedures at the domestic flight check-in counter of the airline you will be using as well as using an automated self check-in machines. You are required to check in any large luggage with the airline at the counter, and keep your baggage claim ticket until you reclaim your luggage at your destination. Each passenger in your group may check-in up to 15 kgs of baggage free of charge. The baggage allowance for First Class/Premium Seat passengers is 40 kgs.

After completing check-in, you will be issued with a boarding card. You will proceed for security checks at the checkpoint. There is no immigration formality and after clearing security check, you are ready for boarding at the designated boarding gate.

3. Carry-on baggage
You are allowed only 1 carry-on baggage. Carry-on baggage that complies with the size, weight and quantity regulations can be taken into passenger cabins. Baggage that exceeds the limits, or which cannot be safely stowed on board because of space limitations, must be checked in as cargo hold freight at the check-in counter.

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