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Map of Tokyo Hakone (箱根町, Hakone-machi) is a town in Ashigarashimo District in Kanagawa Prefecture, is located in the mountainous far west of Kanagawa prefecture, on the eastern side of Hakone Pass.
Most of the town is within the borders of the volcanically active Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, centered around Lake Ashi.

Hakone is famous for its hot springs, outdoor activities, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji, It is one of the most popular destinations among both Japanese and international tourists.

Fuji-Hakone sightseeing private vehicle hire for a 1 full day sightseeing tour, spending 6 complete hours at Hakone national park and nearby Mt.Fuji sightseeing locations of your choice. Pick up at your hotel (downtown Tokyo) at around 08:30am and returning to Tokyo around 18:30pm (total time: 10 hours). Price starts from 40,000yen nett for a 9-seater minivan.

Sample Itinerary

Ebina service area Hakone is approximately less than 100km from Tokyo. It takes slight more than an hour under a smooth traffic condition. 1 or 2 stops at an expressway service area along the way can be made. Ebina Service Area (海老名サービスエリア) is conveniently located just less than 20km before reaching Hakone Yumoto, has a large vehicle parking area with lots of restaurants and amenities. Traffic users who are traveling outbound towards Hakone and Nagoya often pick Ebina S.A. as well as those who are traveling inbound to Tokyo.

Ebina service station Many local delights such as "Melon Bun", "Yokohama Pork Bun" and favorite snacks can be found in this service area. [find out more..]
After leaving Ebina S.A., it takes about 30 minute before reaching Hakone Yumoto Station. Hakone Yumoto Station is the starting point of a series of interesting rides by electric tram, trolleybus, cable car and ropeway, is a popular choice to explore Hakone National Park. Special day pass ticket allowing for unlimited rides is available at 3900yen for adult. The entire course covering all the different rides would take approximately 4-5 hours. Hakone Yumoto Station
Hakone Tozan Train leaves Hakone Yumoto Station heading for Gora Station covering a total distance of 8.9 kilometers with a journey time of approximately 40 minutes. At Gora Station, you will switch to the Hakone Tozan Cable Car bound for Sounzan Station, a 1.2 kilometer distance and approximately 12 minutes ride. From Sounzan Station, it will take a 30 minute ride on the Hakone Ropeway to Togendai Station, located next to the shore of Lake Ashi.

For those who may not be too adventurous to try out all the different rides can choose to remain on the vehicle and tour around Hakone at a more relax pace.
Hakone Yumoto shopping street
Next stop we will be heading to Owakudani, boiling valley. It is approximately a 30 minutes ride by car from Hakone Yumoto Station. Since it is a short journey to get to Owakudani by car instead of using the multiple rides in Hakone, there will be more time to spend especially shopping for souvenirs.

Lining both sides of the street at Hakone Yumoto Station you will find a number restaurants and speciality stores that offer local produce, sweets and souvenirs. You will notice that most visitors to Hakone would pick up a box of "Manju" (饅頭 steam buns), which is a signature souvenir in the area, as gifts for friends and family members back home. As there are a number of stores selling these sweet buns, you are able to try them in small portion at most stores and pick one that suit your taste.

As for lunch we would definitely recommend the "houtou" which is a popular local dish, made of flat and thick noodles served in a hot pot of miso broth accompanied with vegetables. Ask our driver, he is prepared to take you to this special place, the locals best kept secret, where we believe that they serve the best houtou in the area. What's more, the restaurant has a stunning view of Mt.Fuji just sitting right in front of you while you dine.

At Owakudani, you are able to walk around the dynamic volcanic vent where white steam of vapor and hydrogen sulfide is constantly coming out from more than 80 holes. We also recommend trying out the black eggs cooked using the steam coming off Owakudani. Rumour says that if you pop one egg, you are able to gain 7 years of longevity. Con't ..

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Owakudani Owakudani

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Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo

Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo - $141.28
Visit Japan's iconic Mount Fuji on Tokyo?s most popular day tour, then return to Tokyo by famous Shinkansen Bullet train. You'll enjoy lunch on Mt Fuji, cruise Lake Ashi and ride the aerial cableway at Mount Komagatake for sweeping views of the celebrated Hakone National Park.

2-Day Mt Fuji, Hakone and Bullet Train Tour from Tokyo - $262.39
Escape the big-city bustle to explore Mt Fuji, stay in scenic Hakone then zoom back to Tokyo by Bullet train on this overnight jaunt. You'll cruise Lake Ashi, take a ride on the Mt Komagatake aerial cableway, soothe away your cares in a hot spring bath in Hakone and have a day free to explore this exquisite resort town.

Fuji-hakone tour

Mt. Fuji-Hakone Sightseeing & Onsen Experience 2 Days from Tokyo From: 23,500yen
This 2-day tour include a guided tour on day 1 only. Leaving from Tokyo, this tour takes you up to Mt.Fuji's 5th Station to enjoy the view from 2,300 meters above sea level. After the 5th Station visit, you will proceed to Hakone, famous for its beautiful natural scenery, and enjoy a pleasure boat cruise around Lake Ashi and a ride on the Komagatake Ropeway. After the sightseeing tour, you will proceed to Hakone-Yumoto Station. You will check-in an Onsen Ryokan nearby the station. Relax in a hot spring bath and enjoy a seasonal Japanese-style menu dinner.

Fuji-hakone tour

Mt. Fuji Hakone 1 Day Sightseeing (optional lunch) From: 11,000yen
One of our bestselling day tours to Mt.Fuji and Hakone. Leaving from Tokyo, this tour takes you up to Mt.Fuji's 5th Station to enjoy the view from 2,300 meters above sea level. After the 5th Station visit, you will proceed to Hakone, famous for its beautiful natural scenery, and take the Hakone Ropeway ride from Togendai to Owakudani. Stop at Owakudani Boiling Valley for a walk around this famous volcanic valley and see how this black-colored eggs, a local specialty of hard-boiled eggs, are cook in the valley. Finally, enjoy a leisure cruise around the Lake Ashi crater lake on a Pirate Boat.

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