Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Transfer and Vehicle Hire

1. How do I make a reservation? How many days in advance do I have to put in my reservation?
You are required to put in the reservation via the online booking service at least 5 days before your trip. You will hear a reply from us by the following day whether your reservaton has been accepted or declined due non-availability. Once your reservation has been accepted, you will be asked to finalised the details of the pick up, and to make payment no less than 48 hours before the commencement of the service. Only when full payment is received your reservation is deemed confirmed.

2. When do I know if the reservation has been confirmed? Will vouchers be issued?

An invoice and reservation confirmation notice will be issued shortly after payment is received. This reservation confirmation notice will serve as a voucher and is required to be presented to the driver for his verification. After arriving at the destination, you will be issued with an offical receipt.

3. Where do I meet my driver when I land at the airport?

We enter the terminal approximately 15 minutes after a flight has landed, your designated driver will be holding a greeting board with your name on it in the arrival hall. You will be able to spot us the moment you have cleared custom check. You will also be given the mobile number of our driver few days before your departure.

4. How long is the trip to or from Narita airport?

Narita is 60 miles away from the city. Travel time depends on traffic conditions. It should take just less than an hour with smooth traffic and may take about 90 minutes in heavy traffic.

5. How much room is there for luggage?

As a rough guide, one trolley bag and one carry-on per person. Please exercise consideration where you have oversized luggage. With maximum capacity, it may not permit few large suitcases for certain vehicle models. Please check with us at booking.

6. What if my flight is delayed? Will I be charged extra?

You will not be charged any extra due flight delay. We monitor flight arrivals and dispatch drivers accordingly.

7. When am I required to pay for the service?

After your booking has been finalised, you will be prompted to make payment through the bank or using credit card before the payment deadline. An email will be sent to inform you that the credit card transaction has been carried out.

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