Terms and Conditions

1. Making a Reservation
Information bearing the full name, gender and age of all travelling members along with a contact number and email address are required to make a reservation. All bookings (with the exception of one-way ticket bookings) must be made at least 11 days prior to your departure date. The cut-off time for one-way ticket bookings are dependent on the ticket types.

Reservation flow
After your booking request has been received, we will confirm availability and reply with a confirmation email. If your application falls on a weekend or holiday, we will process it on the next working day. Should you not receive a reply from us within 2-3 working days after making a reservation, please notify us immediately.

Confirmation of booking
Your booking is deemed confirmed only when full payment is made. Prompt payments are required for all flight and railroad travel departing in less than 15 days.

To take note for all non-changeable flight tickets
There is a penalty fee for amending or canceling a non-changeable flight ticket. Owing to this reason, we do not confirm your reservation until payment has been received.

2. Payment Matter
Payment can be made using credit card or by foreign bank remittance. The following credit cards are accepted; JCB, MasterCard and VISA. For overseas payment through banks, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all bank surcharges including any intermediary banks are being paid for and not levied by the receiving party. Payments that are not made in full will cause delays and in cases may even render your bookings invalid.

3. Ticketing
After verification of payment, all tickets will be issued as electronic ticket (e-ticket) whenever possible. You are required to print out the electronic ticket and present it upon check in at the airport. The electronic ticket can be sent to you by fax or as an attachment with the email.

However when you have purchased a package plan that includes a hotel, it becomes necessary for us to send you the hotel voucher. This voucher along with your air ticket can be sent to you by post (500yen within Japan) or be dropped at the airport collection counter for you to pick up on the departure day (500yen/pax).
Click here for more information on ticket collection at the airport and check-in procedures

4. Amendments
All tickets offered with the exception of normal fare tickets are non changeable. If you have purchased a non changeable ticket, you are still allowed to make changes provided it is more than 21 days before the departure date. In order to make an amendment, the procedure is such that a ticket has to be canceled or booking withdrawn, before any changes can be made. Refer to table in paragraph 5 for the cancellation penalty of round-trip tickets. If a firm reservation has already been made and it is unavoidable to change your itinerary with less than 21 days away from departure, we will have to process for cancellation before making attempt for a re-booking.

5. Cancellation Policy/Charges
Cancellation charges are imposed due to the administrative processes that are required after cancellation. This is to dissuade users from abusing the booking system as they may deprive genuine customers of availability. Penalty is dependent on the amount of advance notice given.
Cancellations made on Saturday, Sunday or after business hours will be processed on the next working day.

More than 21 days2000yen cancellation charge
Less than 21 daysCancelation charge + 30% penalty
Less than 14 daysCancelation charge + 50% penalty
No ShowNo refund

6. Refunds
All tickets if sent must be returned to us before we could carry out a refund. If ticket is missing, refund may not be successful for certain tickets. There is a clearance period of 7-10 days before the refundable amount can be credited back to your account.

7. Miscellaneous
Please ensure that your personal particulars are correct when receiving our booking confirmation and when receiving the tickets as they cannot be re-issued.
You are advised to reconfirm the flight schedule directly with the airlines as unforeseen changes in the airlines schedule may occur. We will not be responsible for any flight cancellations due to any unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, outbreak of war, curfews and riots, strikes, hijackings and alterations in the airlines' flight schedule.
Neither the tour operator or the merchant is held responsible and liable for any loss due to bad weather conditions or low snowfall resulting in canceling of skiing activities.

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